• 01Apr

    Here’s a date to put on your calendar, May 2, 2015. You have heard about
    them, you may have even learned about them. Now you can spend the day at  their home site.

    A Day at the Hive. Yes, you have the opportunity to see the bees in action. We will be opening up the hive and see if we can finds some of those pesky little creatures that gives our bees problems. We will also inspect the hive it self for damage and any needed maintenance.We will start at Lauderdale County Farm Bureau on highway 39 at 9:00 am. After the provided lunch, we will explore some of the hives. Dr. Jeff Harris and Johnny Thompson will be sharing there wealth of knowledge with us.

    Preregistration by April 25th is required along with payment of $25 to cover the costs for food and other supplies for the day of education and fun. You may download and mail or bring the printed application, which can be downloaded here. You may also complete the application online using the form below. For those that do choice to use the online application, we do ask you to bring by or mail in your payment in order to keep our costs low (to do this just choice the ‘Invoice Me’ option for payment).

    So grab your bee suit, hive tool, and smoker and join us on May 2nd at 9 to begin our Day at  the Hive.