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Benefits of membership

The most important function of the Association is our programme of regular apiary meetings These take place at our teaching apiaries at Swanmore or West End, Southampton. Meetings are the best way to encounter new situations, learn skills, ask questions (meeting related or otherwise) and to meet other local beekeepers.

We offer a Mentoring scheme which provides invaluable support especially when you’re starting out. The Association also offers a route into the world of beekeeping qualifications. They’re not for everyone, but they do provide a structured way to increase your knowledge to better look after your bees and increase your enjoyment of the craft. We usually try to find out at the start of each year which members have an interest in studying a particular subject so that we can form a study group. We strongly encourage all members to take the basic certificate (BBKA basic assessment syllabus) and we run a study programme every year.

Beekeeping can be an expensive hobby but you don’t need to rush out and buy everything straight away. Meridian has a stock of essential equipment which can be borrowed by members. There is honey processing equipment, a burco boiler for sterilising kit and microscopes to help with disease identification. Equipment loan,

We also have a Shop which stocks high quality foundation at reduced prices.

Meridian runs a beekeeping buddy programme designed to match members who would enjoy working with another like-minded person. It may be that you would like help with the hefting and in return, are willing to share your knowledge and experience or you may be a new member not ready to have your own bees. Buddy

Your Meridian membership automatically includes membership of the Hampshire Beekeepers’ Association. HBKA organises the programme of education and assessment for our area as well as seminars and events. http://hampshirebeekeepers.org.uk

You will also become a member of the British Beekeepers’ Association and they will send you their excellent monthly magazine which guides you through the beekeeping year, keeps you informed about the beekeeping world and explains the latest scientific research. The BBKA also runs national conventions and events. https://www.bbka.org.uk

Bee disease insurance provides public liability and insurance for the replacement of beekeeping equipment should it have to be destroyed due to an incidence of a notifiable disease, such as European or American Foul Brood. Bee Disease Insurance

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