New beekeepers

Like many of life’s projects, beekeeping is usually more successful if you do things in the right order! Before you get your bees, do plenty of research. It’s a good idea to attend an Introduction to Beekeeping course which as well as providing all the basics you need to get started, gives an opportunity to understand your equipment choices to help avoid expensive mistakes. There’s lots of information out there but some of it is of dubious quality or may not be relevant to where you live. This page is designed to point you in the right direction so you have everything you need before you get started!

Time commitment

A beginner’s guide to managing your bees and an idea of the time commitment. Managing your apiary

Getting your bees

It’s tempting to rush out and get your bees from whatever source is to hand but remember, not all bee are the same. There are lots of factors to consider. Getting your bees

A standard National hive fitted with two supers and a flat roof

Equipment choices

There’s a seemingly endless range of possibilities when it comes to equipment and making the wrong choices can be an expensive mistake but our introduction to beekeeping course will help you make an informed decision. The hive

Join a club

There’s a beekeeping club or association near you and if you live in South Hampshire, Meridian may be the club for you! We’re a friendly bunch and there’s always lots of help and advice on hand. In fact, you’ll be joining three clubs really; Meridian, Hampshire Beekeepers’ and the British Beekeepers’ Assocation. Benefits of membership

Basic training

Its a good idea to attend an Introduction to beekeeping course before investing in expensive equipment. The course gives you an opportunity to check beekeeping is for right you, helps you choose the most suitable equipment and ensures you have the knowledge to get started.

Join Beebase

Beebase is an invaluable source of reliable beekeeping knowledge provided by Health Agency’s National Bee Unit. It provides a wide range of apicultural information for beekeepers and is free to join. Beebase


Our Mentoring programme guides you through the early stages of your beekeeping journey and ensures there’s always somebody there to help.

Reading and further information

There’s a lot of really good beekeeping information out there and we’re compiling a list of books and other sources you can rely on. reading

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