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Do you need help with a honey bee swarm?

Meridian swarm collectors cover South Hampshire including Bishops Waltham, Botley, Hedge End, Shedfield, Swanmore, Titchfield, Wickham and West End, Southampton.

Hidden world

Have you ever wished you could watch your queen laying? Or wondered how the workers unloads their pollen baskets? You now have access to a series of amazing films to answers these and many other questions. Hidden world

Apiary meeting, Swanmore, Friday 11 June 2021
Much more fun than a coat hanger!

This year, apiary meetings have been scheduled in pairs to give us a double-shot at the weather! Our first meeting in June was a great success and you can find a brief report and pictures here. The page also shows details of future meetings.

Honey bees bringing home pollen on an early Spring day

Beekeeping is a relaxing and enjoyable hobby which can connect you to nature and the environment. If you’re thinking about taking up the craft, here are a few things to consider. New beekeepers

Bee imports
So far, the UK has managed to avoid the
Small Hive Beetle which has so devastated bee populations in parts of Europe and the United States.

Under new post-Brexit rules, packages and colonies of honey bees can no longer be imported to Great Britain. The Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs hopes the ban will prevent the spread of bee pests and diseases. ITV report

However, Northern Ireland remains part of the single market and bee imports from Europe are still allowed. Unscrupulous operators are importing bees via Northern Ireland for onward to transfer to England, Scotland and Wales. The British Beekeepers’ Association is asking that we sign a petition to get the loophole closed as soon as possible.

World bee day

Bees are among the hardest working creatures on Earth and last month we celebrated them on World Bee Day. Bees enrich our lives by carrying pollen from flower to flower, thereby providing the abundance of fruit, nuts and seeds we all enjoy. Bees contribute to the variety, quality, and security of our food and without them, our lives would be poorer and even our very survival at risk. World bee day.

Practical day

The practical element of our Introduction to beekeeping course will take place on Saturday 26 June at the Swanmore apiary. Watch this space for further details.


Asian hornet

We hope you’ll never see one of these! The Asian hornet is a dangerous, non-native species which has the potential to wreak havoc in the UK. Find out what you can do to stop it. Asian hornet

Gardening for wildlife
It doesn’t have to look untidy, mow through paths or leave feature areas in corners and around trees.

Making small changes in your garden can make a really big difference to pollinators and wildlife. Here are some links to some good ideas. Planting for pollinators

Garden friends

There are many wonderful guides to help us identify our friends in the garden. Here you’ll find links to the best of them and few examples of the insects you’re most likely to see in Hampshire. Bees, wasps and other buzzy things

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We are passionate about beekeeping. Meridian Beekeepers’ Association supports beekeepers in the South Hampshire area. We also aim to raise public awareness of bees, beekeeping and the environment. Please visit our About page.

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