Fixing comb into frames

Anthony Raymer was sent this photo by Reverend Jane Isaacs, vicar of Shedfield church. This feral colony had been under the church roof for twenty years but was removed in February 2021 because the roof needed refurbishment. A beekeeper re-homed the colony and we’ll keep track of its progress over the coming months.

Sometimes, beekeepers are required to remove feral colonies from buildings or to relocate a swarm which has established itself somewhere inconvenient, like spare equipment!

It’s possible to cut comb from its previous location and fix it into frames using string or elastic bands.

Make sure your elastic bands are big enough to stretch over the frames and have sufficient give in them to hold the comb securely without squashing it. The comb will likely be heavy with stores or brood so ensure the bands are sturdy enough and the rubber is not perished.

Brood comb relocated from Fiona’s feral colony in Summer 2020.
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