BeeBase is offered free to beekeepers by the National Bee Unit. It is funded by DEFRA, the Welsh Government and Scotland’s Bee Health Programme.

The website provides a wide range of apicultural information to help beekeepers maintain healthy and productive colonies. It provides a wide range of beekeeping information including honey bee related legislation, information about pests and diseases and how to recognise, control and treat them. There are also downloadable publications and advisory leaflets. National Bee Unit

Meridian highly recommends that new and experienced beekeepers make use of this extremely useful resource and sign up. Doing so puts you on the radar of the regional bee inspector who is there to help and guide you. Should you suspect your bees have been affected by a notifiable disease or pest, a visit from an inspector can be arranged. This is not something to be feared, the inspectors are extremely knowledgeable and are there to help. Registering with Beebase also means you’ll receive email notifications of threats and problems when they occur in your locality. Register Beebase

Registering also helps Beebase understand the distribution of beekeepers and their apiaries across the country. This helps them to effectively monitor and control the spread of serious honey bee pests and diseases, as well as providing up-to-date information on keeping bees healthy and productive.

By registering with Beebase you will play a very important part in helping to maintain and sustain honey bees for the future.

Bee Inspectors contact details

Kevin Pope
Mobile : 07775 119466

Mark Lynch Mobile : 07824 530180

John Geden (Regional bee inspector) Mobile: 07501 275259

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