Honey and hive products for sale

This page displays locally-produced honey and hive products. These are offered for sale by local beekeepers and their contact details can be found here. Most Meridian members have eaten or sold their 2022 crop (independent grocers have an insatiable appetite for local honey!) but keep an eye on this page, more will be offered in the coming months.

Honey from our teaching apiary at Swanmore

This honey is produced by the members of Meridian Beekeepers at our teaching apiary in Swanmore. Our bees forage on a wide range of local plants and trees including crops, garden and wildflowers. Although we have a few hives in the same place, the honey from each can be completely different as their bees collect nectar from different places. These 454g (1lb) jars are offered for sale at £8. They may be obtained from Louise, 01489 781155 louisewithbees@gmail.com The proceeds go to Meridian Beekeepers.

Louise’s honey is for sale in Botley

Louise is one of Meridian’s longest standing members and has been keeping bees for many years. Most of her hives are in the Botley area and her bees work on the diverse forage that characterises our area; a mixture of garden flowers, trees and wildflowers from the fields and woodlands nearby. Contact Louise: 01489 781155 louisewithbees@gmail.com

Beeswax candles are favoured by churches because of their purity. They are also rare. It is estimated that bees must fly 150,000 miles to collect sufficient nectar to produce 6lbs of honey. From that, they will only produce about 1lb of wax. For every 100lbs of honey harvested, the beekeeper will only obtain about 1lb of wax.

Louise also has a range of candles made from beeswax. Unlike any other type of candle, beeswax is non-toxic when it burns. They give off a naturally beautiful smell and burn brightly. They are the only candles to omit negative ions which purify the air and are hypo-allergenic, so beneficial to those who suffer from environmental allergies.

Meridian member Lisa keeps her bees at home in Shedfield and with her beekeeping friends in Botley. In common with other local bees, Lisa’s work on diverse forage; a mixture of garden flowers, trees and wildflowers from the fields and woodlands nearby. Contact Lisa on: 07514 330624, lisarooke1965@icloud.com

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