Meridian queen rearing programme 2022

Queen rearing survey

Several members have expressed an interest in working together to improve our stock and to have an accessible supply of good-quality local queens available for our members.

The aim of the proposed queen-rearing programme is to develop more healthy bees suited to our local conditions and which exhibit the characteristics most cherished by our members.

Most bee breeders and master beekeepers agree that it’s possible to selectively breed for up to four desirable characteristics. Please complete the short survey to tell us which characteristics you most value.

Even if you don’t wish to take part in the queen rearing programme, we would welcome your response as you may wish Meridian to supply your queens in the future.

Queen rearing survey

2 thoughts on “Meridian queen rearing programme 2022

  1. Thank you for the message. I sadly don’t have time to participate, but, would always be interested in buying a new queen from a member of Meridian. Many thanks to everyone organising it.


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