Apiary tidy

Our end of season apiary tidy took place today and luckily, the rain (just about) held off! Thank you very much everyone who gave up their time to take part.

Chris doing a sterling job on the frames. As a team, we did pretty well today!

Louise went through the hives with Catherine and Lisa and found everything to be more or less in order. The colonies seemed strong with an impressive amount of brood sill in evidence and two or three of them are well provisioned for winter. As feared however, some of the others were light on stores, and as we’re coming to the end of the time we can feed syrup, we’ll watch and keep them supplied with fondant as necessary.

Catherine brought along Eileen, a potential new member and she greatly enjoyed the opportunity to inspect the bees. Nicky, Ritchie. Chris and Howard built enough frames to fill three brood boxes and a super and Simon did a great job on the boxes.

We all enjoyed chatting about bees and other things too! Catherine brought along some delicious cakes which was a personal highlight for me!

Simon impressed us all with his woodworking skills by building two brood chambers in no time at all. He also took away other kits to build some extra supers at home.

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