Membership renewal 2022

Zara, Phil, Catherine, Louise, Richard, Dawn, Colin, Nicky, Simon, Robin, Tom, Ceri (front row) Tim, George, Rachel, Denise and Howard behind the camera); the attendees at Meridian’s last apiary meeting of 2021 at Swanmore on Saturday 11 September.
Existing members

If you haven’t done so already, now is the time to renew your Meridian membership. You can do so by clicking on the link we recently sent you.

Check your details are up-to date, then select the number of hives you are planning to run and the membership category you require (via the drop down menus) and your subscription will be automatically calculated.

The renewal link must be used for existing members. Please do not send your subscription without completing the online form as this may result in a delay to your membership. Any applications made after we have completed our return will result in a delay to your insurance cover and to the receipt of BBKA news.

Once you have submitted the online form, you can send your payment electronically to Meridian’s bank account as usual.

Meridian Beekeepers, Lloyds Bank, Bishops Waltham, 30-90-85, 00962116. Please use your surname as a reference.

New members and those wishing to rejoin

If your membership lapsed in 2021 and you would like to rejoin in 2022, please complete the application form: Membership application form 2022. This form can also be used for new membership applications.

Does my bum look big in this?

The membership fees for 2022 remain unchanged and are as follows:

  • Full membership £38.00
  • Partner membership £17.00
  • Associate membership £16.00
  • Junior Membership £16.00

If you are considering joining Meridian for the first time or would like more information on what’s included in each membership category, please click here for a full explanation. Classes of membership and fees

Changes to British Beekeepers’ Association and Hampshire Beekeepers’ Association subscriptions

The BBKA has increased its 2022 subscription for full members from £19.00 to £21.00 and Hampshire Beekeepers’ Association (HBKA) is restoring its annual fee to £5.00 from £2.00 last year. As Meridian did not reduce your subscription in response to HBKA’s previous reductions, we’re are able to maintain your overall subscription at the levels of the past few years.

If you have any questions at all about membership, please don’t hesitate to contact Howard

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