West End update

Denise and Richard inspected the West End apiary on 20 June.

In hive 1, they found the lovely new queen (split from hive 2 and marked yellow) was laying well in a great pattern.

The queen marked yellow can be seen in the middle of Richard’s beautiful picture.

The bees in hive 2 are in the middle of a supersedure with three cells visible, one ready to go. Richard went back on 21 June to check and found that she’d hatched overnight. Unfortunately, no sighting of the new queen or old.

Although the queen was not seen, the open queen cell (in the middle of this frame) is evidence that she has emerged.

Hive 3 Another good laying pattern in evidence but the bees are very active, fine if you’re well suited up!

Hive 4 is a Nuc; the queen has started to lay well and we plan to transfer into a hive in about three weeks.

One thought on “West End update

  1. Just wanted to say a massive thank you to Richard, for helping me out today with a problem i had with a few little visitors 🐝 in my garden.


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