Hampshire Beekeepers’ Honey Show

The Hampshire Beekeepers’ Association Honey Show 2022 will be held at The Great Hall, Winchester on Saturday 1 and Sunday 2 October.

The 13th-century aisled hall was once part of Winchester Castle built by William the Conqueror. The 750 year old Round Table dominating the Hall has been linked to the ancient legends of King Arthur and his Knights.

Judging will take place on Saturday morning and the exhibits will be on show to the public after 13:30 on Saturday, with experienced beekeepers on hand to answer questions.

There will be other great things to see as well. In addition to the Great Hall itself, local associations from around Hampshire will be hosting various displays including an observation hive, candle rolling, honey extraction and the history of honey and beekeeping.

Entry to the Great Hall is £4.00 but the honey show is free. The Great Hall is always worth a visit, even more so with the bonus of the Honey Show.

If you’re a HBKA member, you can enter your best hive products into the show. For full details of the day and how to enter, go to the Hampshire Beekeepers’ website.

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