Honey labelling petition

The British Beekeepers’ Association (BBKA) is asking local associations and their members to support their new honey petition calling on Government to change the Honey labelling rules so that UK consumers can easily recognise all countries of origin of the honey sold here.

BBKA video explaining the honey labelling issue

This is the second honey petition in the BBKA’s efforts to maintain pressure on the government to address this important issue. If you signed the first petition, please be sure to sign this one too.

Link to petition: Honey labelling petition

The important underlying issue here is funny honey, that’s honey that has not necessarily involved a honeybee collecting nectar, processing it and storing it in the hive.

Supermarket own-label honey can be bought for as little as 69p a jar. Although supermarkets say every jar of honey is “100% pure” and can be traced back to the beekeeper, there is no requirement to identify the countries of origin of honey blended from more than one country. One supermarket was even prosecuted for selling fake honey. Every little helps!

The BBKA wants consumers to start looking at the labels when buying honey – does it clearly state the country of origin? If it seems cheap compared to the other honeys on the shelf, ask themselves why?

The BBKA is asking members to share the petition link with family and friends and on social media to help reach the target of 100,000 signatures which means the Government must consider the issue for debate in Parliament.

The support of the general public and not just the beekeeping community, is essential to achieve this result so please share the petition as widely as possible. If you use social media you can share the BBKA’s social media pages to create awareness and to share the link.

Link to petition: Honey labelling petition

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