Apiary meetings

This page displays details of our forthcoming meetings as well as reports to members on our apiary activities.

The weather is usually enough to play havoc with apiary meetings without any help from COVID so this year, we’re trying something different.

Apiary meetings have been scheduled in pairs; Friday and Saturday. We’ll aim to meet at 18.15 on a Friday evening but if bad weather makes that impossible, we’ve got 10.00 on Saturday morning to fall back on. There’s no guarantee the weather will have improved on Saturday but it gives us another chance!

At the moment, all apiary meetings are set for Swanmore but if West End builds up sufficiently, we may be able to hold one of the meetings there. If possible, please add both the Friday and Saturday dates to your diary. The only exception is Saturday 22 May (we’ve dared to add an extra date) as this meeting is scheduled for Saturday only. Nearer the time, we’ll ask you to pre-register your intention to attend so we don’t break the rules. If all goes according to plan, we can accommodate a maximum of thirty members at a time.

Apiary meeting, Saturday 22 May, 13.00. Swanmore

Unlike the other planned meetings, this one is scheduled for Saturday only.

Possible themes; checking colony strength, stores and space, adding supers, swarm control and splitting. Varroa counting.

Apiary meeting, Friday 11 or Saturday 12 June

Possible themes; varroa monitoring, stores check and possible feeding (June gap) disease checks, look for possible signs of sac brood and foul brood.

Apiary meeting, Friday 9 or Saturday 10 July

Possible themes; preparation for harvest, disease checks, look for signs of sac brood and foul brood.

Apiary meeting, Friday 20 or Saturday 21 August

Possible themes: assessing stores levels, possible preparation for harvest, disease check; look for signs of foul brood, chalk and sac brood.

Apiary meeting, Friday 10 or Saturday 11 September

Preparing for winter; check stores, monitor robbing and wasps, possible merges, check queen right.

Apiary and equipment tidy, Friday 24 or Saturday 25 September

Making frames, cleaning and repairing boxes, store tidy, preparing hives for winter.

If you plan to join the meadow event or apiary meeting on Saturday 22 May, please let us know!

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