Preparing Honey for Sale and Show

Moisture content in honey Ideally, honey should contain less than 17.8% water. If the moisture content is higher than 20%, it may ferment due to the presence of yeasts in the honey. Honey is hygroscopic and if it is not carefully stored in a sealed container it will absorb moisture from the air. The internationallyContinue reading “Preparing Honey for Sale and Show”

re-queening a defensive colony

Re-queening a defensive colony In the summer of 2020, led by Louise, Peter, Denise, Fiona and I went to Swanmore to deal with the defensive colony we moved from West End. Several allotment holders and passers-by had reported being stung at distance and the colony was also highly defensive during inspections. Having moved the hiveContinue reading “re-queening a defensive colony”

Labelling honey

Here is a summary of the honey labelling regulations. For more detailed information, go to the website of Hampshire County Council. The word Honey is required The weight must be on the label. It is a legal requirement to display the metric weight in a font at least 4mm high. If you decide toContinue reading “Labelling honey”

Benefits of membership

Your membership of Meridian gives you automatic membership of the Hampshire Beekeepers’ Association and the British Beekeepers’ Association. Our members are also protected by insurance provided by Bee Disease Insurance Limited. Membership of Meridian Beekeepers’ Association, includes regular apiary meetings, Mentoring, Equipment loan, Knowledgebase, Introduction to beekeeping courses, social events and activities. Membership of HampshireContinue reading “Benefits of membership”

Introduction to beekeeping

Our next Introduction to Beekeeping course will run between 31 October and 5 December 2022 Read on for more information. The practical session was magical, coming to the meadow in Swanmore. June 2021 after the practical day We honestly are delighted to have picked such a lovely caring group to be taught by. Thank youContinue reading “Introduction to beekeeping”

Membership renewal 2022

Existing members On 22 January, we sent you an email containing a link via the British Beekeepers’ Association’s online system. To renew your membership in 2022, click on the link and check your details are up-to date. Then, select the number of hives you plan to run in 2022 and the membership category you requireContinue reading “Membership renewal 2022”

Managing your apiary

So you’re thinking about keeping bees? Well, we want to help you understand exactly what you’re getting yourself in to! We’re also keen to ensure that your beekeeping is sustainable because for us, it’s all about the welfare of the bees! This page is to give you an idea of what time commitment would beContinue reading “Managing your apiary”