Meadow creation, West End apiary

Thank you once again to all those who’ve volunteered. There’s a number of tasks to complete on the day but we must pre-plan who’s doing what and when so we don’t break social distancing rules. Please have a look down the list of jobs and let us know what you’d like to do so we can allocate times! We’ll probably start around ten and go on until about four.

Firstly, we could really use the help of somebody with access to a van. We’re planning to pre-order a rotavator (precisely where from will depend on who comes forward with a van) and this will need collecting and returning after use. Please let us know as soon as possible if you can help with this. Count me in! Other tasks on the day include;

  • Putting up a fence, so help knocking in posts and securing netting with a stapler.
  • Using the rotavator which can be heavy work, so we’re proposing one hour shifts. Ideally, people who have used one before or are confident using machinery.
  • People to help near the rotavator, removing obstacles like stones and branches etc.
  • Others to trample down the soil after it’s rotavated.
  • People to scatter seed and water.
  • Help planting a lavender hedge.
  • We’ll also bring some Meridian equipment (hive boxes for cleaning or frames that need assembling or re-waxing.

Phil is sorting out fuel for the rotavator and Rick is collecting the fence posts and ground spikes. He is also going to chit the 30,000 seeds apparently! Thank you very much to both of them.

It would be useful if you could bring a tool or two with you, like forks, spades, perhaps a heavier- duty rake if you have one and definitely wellies especially if you’re going to be part of the trample-team!

There will of course be refreshments and the chance to talk bees with your compatriots. I’m sure we’ll all have an enjoyable and productive day. If you need directions to our West End Apiary, you can find them here Directions.

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