Equipment loan

The association has some essential equipment for loan but it is important that members return the equipment in a clean and fully working state. A deposit may be required for each piece of equipment borrowed which is returnable on completion of the loan.


  • Extractor (3 units)
  • Settling tank
  • Lightweight plastic uncapping tray                   
  • Warming Cabinet   
  • Heather Press          
  • Display Boards      
  • Display Hive            
  • Burco boiler (for cleaning frames and equipment)
  • Dissecting Microscope  (£25 deposit)
  • Dissecting Microscope (£50 deposit)       
  • Hp Microscope (2 units) (£50 deposit)                 

Before borrowing a microscope, members should have a good working knowledge of their use. There is a BBKA course and microscopy certificate.

USB Computer Mini Microscope Cameras are also available with software to record microscope images.

Pestle and Mortars can be provided free when borrowed with the high power microscope.

Slides and coverslips can be provided.

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