Meridian Beekeepers’ Association

Meridian was set up over twenty five years ago by a group of enthusiasts with the aim of encouraging new and existing beekeepers to look after their bees by means of good husbandry and increased knowledge.

A great deal of effort has been put in by many members to increase public awareness and to help educate school children about bees, beekeeping, pollination and the environment. 

Our mentoring scheme, apiary meetings and training have proved very popular and the cooperation between members means that difficulties and challenges can usually be resolved quickly and effectively. If the association’s members don’t know the answer, we usually know someone who does!

Meridian Beekeepers’ Association is a member of Hampshire Beekeepers’ Association and the British Beekeepers’ Association. Our members are protected by insurance provided by Bee Disease Insurance Limited.

We have two Association apiaries at Swanmore and West End, Southampton.

We support beekeepers and beekeeping in the South Hampshire area of Southern England. Our area ranges from Romsey in the West, Winchester in the North, Meon Valley and Fareham to the East and South.

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