Have you got a swarm?

If you think you have a swarm of honey bees, here’s what to do:

1.Don’t panic!

You may have seen the bees arrive, swirling through the air accompanied by a deafening buzz, but they’re at their least defensive during a swarm and pose little or no threat to us.

OK you’ve made your point! Bees are so gentle during a swarm, that many beekeepers don’t wear protective clothing when collecting them but I’m not going to try licking them!

2. Don’t disturb them

If you leave the bees alone they are unlikely to sting. They will soon settle down and can be collected by a beekeeper. Don’t try to dislodge them (by spraying them with water or bashing them with a broom etc.), it won’t work and risks really buzzing them off!

The queen bee is somewhere in the middle of that mass of bees acting like a magnet to the swarm. The bees have left their food and young behind so have little cause to sting you.

3. Call a beekeeper!

Please click the link for the contact details of local swarm collectors. There are a few questions we will ask and these are shown here for your consideration. Swarm collectors

4. Enjoy your swarm!

Although the bees are unlikely to sting, watch from a safe distance. It’s a good idea to alert your neighbours (if applicable) and to close your windows to prevent stray bees getting into your house.

5. Have a cup of tea!

.. and wait for the beekeeper to arrive! If you’re interested, here’s some more information about swarms. Swarming

Beekeepers cannot deal with wasps, hornets or bumble bee nests. Only a honey bee swarm looks like the pictures you can see on this page.

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