Members’ blogs

Richard describes Meridian’s first, very productive meeting of 2023 where plenty of fun was had by all. First meeting of 2023.

Louise reflects on the highs and lows of her beekeeping in 2022 and in the process, explains some useful manipulations. Louise: reflections on 2022.

Richard Skinner describes collecting and hiving his first swarm and the progress of his new colony so far. Richard

Denise Smith writes about progress at our West End apiary and recent successes with Bailey Comb changes in Spring 2022. Denise

Louise Evans writes about the Meridian event on 3 April. Members gathered to prepare equipment for the upcoming season. Preparation day

Colin Bowsher writes about his dear friend Scott Peters who died earlier this year and their many beekeeping adventures. There’s also a lovely piece from Scott’s daughter Sharon. Scott Peters

Meridian members Steve Fallowfield and Mike Roberts describe their first attempt at candle making. Steve and Mike

Robin Sergi talks about Mentoring and the personal benefits he gets from doing it. Robin on mentoring.

Lisa describes a swarm hiving that didn’t go well proving that when things start going wrong, they keep going wrong! Lisa

Louise Evans talks us through the best and worst of her colonies in 2020 and in the process, passes on some useful tips. There’s a couple of surprising meteorological statistics in there too! Louise

Lisa Rooke takes steps to create a chemical-free pollinator paradise in her new garden and describes some of the wildflowers she’s planted there. Lisa

Rebecca Wright tells us about her candle-making journey so far and the Christmas presents she made with sister Sally. Becky

Howard Towl writes about the relationship between Honey and Veganism and questions some of the Vegan’s Society’s assertions. Honey and veganism

Charlie Mallindine writes to tell us how a warrior queen may be the remedy for a worker-laying dystopia. Charlie

New Meridian member Richard Skinner writes to introduce himself and describes his path into beekeeping. Richard

New member James Savage describes what happened when he moved his first hive, but its all right now! James

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