Asian hornet talk

Post event notes and suggested way forward

From: Louise Evans, 22 March 2022

To: Meridian members

Subject: Asian hornet briefing

Dear all,

Thank you to those who attended the briefing on the Asian Hornet. Together, with the education of members and spring queen trapping (with traps adapted to prevent the slaughter of other beneficial species) we can make a very good effort to prevent this species establishing itself here.

With concerted effort, it will be one less hazard for beekeeping and reserve public funds for better purposes.

Our thanks go to Andrew Durham for all his research and the presentation. I am much amused that his risk assessment shows that his colonies are some of the least at risk. Mine, sadly are close to the Hamble estuary!

Meridian members

Our thanks go to Simon Fitzjohn who has been prototyping the museliere for us to copy and adapting wasp traps we already had for members to trial. Simon has produced several variants of the trap so that we can assess what works best.

The traps were distributed to Meridian members at the Practical day on 23 April.

Remember: attractant for Asian hornet traps is pressed apple juice and/or fermented cappings or honey from the solar extractor – with a mechanism (ie: mesh) to stop other insects drowning in the liquid and an escape.

From: Andrew Durham

Subject: Asian Hornet Briefing 20th March – Notes for Website

Dear All,

I have decided that to save time (and help your members with the detail) to produce a pdf of the whole of the Integrated defence in the Apiary section and send it to you for posting on your website as a resource for your members.


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