Practical day, 8 May

On Sunday 8 May, Louise and Denise hosted the second of the practical sessions; the culmination our most recent introduction to beekeeping course.

There were eight new beekeepers present; Jane Dunham, Rachel Cole, David Bence, Tom Wells, David Redman, Paul and Alex Whitfield and Eileen Mansfield.

The sun shone, the bees were on their best behaviour and Denise and Louise enjoyed being back as a group post lockdown.

During the hive inspections, a queen was spotted, eggs, pearly whites, drones , young bees and bees emerging were all seen. There was also plenty of pollen coming in and dancing going on.

The differences between nectar, uncapped honey, capped brood and capped honey were demonstrated and during the inspection, some drone larvae was disturbed which provided an opportunity to observe varroa feeding on the larvae.

Wax moth trails were spotted in another hive, the frame was tapped revealing the moth’s larva which was flicked from the hive to become bird food!

Louise and Denise were delighted by the calm approach displayed by all the new beekeepers and the competence with which they handled the frames and their hive tools.

Thanks to Robin for allowing the use of his hive and as always, to John and Sarah for use of the apiary.

Denise adds that all the students did very well and that she and Louise were impressed that they had remembered how to lift and turn a frame!

We hope that everybody enjoyed the day and that it is just the start of a long and rewarding beekeeping journey.

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