Meridian’s first meeting of 2023

Richard describes the productivity and fun of Meridian’s first meeting of the year.

Meridian’s first meeting of the year went off with a bang, literally, with nine of us putting frames together and adding the wax, there was certainly a lot of banging going on! There was also a lot of coffee and tea drinking and of course, with extra thick chocolate biscuits, the day went well.

Chocolate biscuits, just one more reason for attending meetings!

We managed in the two hours that we had set aside, to put together thirty frames with wax foundation. The workshop proved to be very useful with two or three of us putting the frames together then pushing these along the conveyor belt to others who finished them off with foundation.

A hive of activity, excuse the pun!

Several items were sold from the newly formed Meridian shop. We all had a great laugh when we realised that this year’s colour for marking the queen is red and we had just purchased five yellow pens for the store, oh well, we only have to wait four years! 😜

We would like to thank the following people for their attendance and we hope to see you at the next apiary meeting Saturday 15 April at 10.00 at the West End Apiary where we will be doing full inspections and possibly preparing for Bailey comb changes or shook swarms.

Special thanks to Denise Smith, Phil Smith, Chris Parker, Louise Evans, Nicky Kakkar, Cat White, Peter Berkin & Jane Reidy for all your help on preparation day.

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