BBKA Basic Assessment

The basic assessment is designed to provide new beekeepers with a goal and to give them a measure of their achievement so far in the fundamental skills and knowledge of the craft. To enter the basic, which is an oral assessment, a person must have at least one year’s experience of keeping bees. The basicContinue reading “BBKA Basic Assessment”

Telling the bees

Telling the bees is an age old tradition stemming from Europe in which bees would be told of important events in their keeper’s lives such as births, deaths and marriages. Little is known about the origins of the tradition but some say it’s derived from Celtic mythology or even ancient Aegean notions about bees’ abilityContinue reading “Telling the bees”

Wildflower verges

Stephen Barnes, chair of BBKA trustees has written to Area Associations and Branch Secretaries asking that we sign a petition urging the government to encourage local authorities to plant more wild flowers on roadside verges and other spaces in the public realm. There are a number of advantages to wild flowers verges. Not least, theyContinue reading “Wildflower verges”

Bee Health Day 2022

Hampshire Beekeepers’ Association has release full details of the 2022 Bee Health Day which is being held at Sparsholt College, Winchester on 18 June 2022 from 08:45 to 17:00. Attendees are limited to ninety so if you’d like to go, it’s a good idea to register early. HBKA has created an Eventbrite page for membersContinue reading “Bee Health Day 2022”

Apiary meeting, 21 May

Meridian members gathered at Swanmore today for our second apiary meeting of the season. The weather and bees were both kind for which we were grateful; we had several new members in attendance including Eileen, Jane, Kate, Pete, Patrick, Rachael and Jake. In all, three hives were opened including Robin’s colony housed on twenty-two framesContinue reading “Apiary meeting, 21 May”

Denise: Spring update, West End apiary

I am pleased to say that both Meridian colonies at West End apiary survived the winter and as soon as the weather warmed up, in March, we were eager to open the hives and evaluate their progress. It was noted that there was brood and eggs present but the bees were only using 6 framesContinue reading “Denise: Spring update, West End apiary”

Practical day, 8 May

On Sunday 8 May, Louise and Denise hosted the second of the practical sessions; the culmination our most recent introduction to beekeeping course. There were eight new beekeepers present; Jane Dunham, Rachel Cole, David Bence, Tom Wells, David Redman, Paul and Alex Whitfield and Eileen Mansfield. The sun shone, the bees were on their bestContinue reading “Practical day, 8 May”

Asian hornet talk

Post event notes and suggested way forward From: Louise Evans, 22 March 2022 To: Meridian members Subject: Asian hornet briefing Dear all, Thank you to those who attended the briefing on the Asian Hornet. Together, with the education of members and spring queen trapping (with traps adapted to prevent the slaughter of other beneficial species)Continue reading “Asian hornet talk”

Apiary meeting, West End, 24 April

It was a beautiful day for an apiary meeting; warm enough to keep our bees happy but cool enough to be comfortable in a bee suit. These two short videos give a flavour of the day. Denise led us through the Meridian colonies, both of which were looking good. Denise had successfully completed Bailey combContinue reading “Apiary meeting, West End, 24 April”

Preparation day

Sunday 3 April began with sunshine, coffee and bee chat. Chris, Denise, Phil, Louise, Richard and Bryn gathered at Richard’s home in West End to clean kit and prepare equipment for the forth-coming season. Chris Jordan had kindly bequeathed his equipment to Meridian. Louise attended the funeral and Richard collected the kit from the family.Continue reading “Preparation day”