Practical day, 8 May

On Sunday 8 May, Louise and Denise hosted the second of the practical sessions; the culmination our most recent introduction to beekeeping course. There were eight new beekeepers present; Jane Dunham, Rachel Cole, David Bence, Tom Wells, David Redman, Paul and Alex Whitfield and Eileen Mansfield. The sun shone, the bees were on their bestContinue reading “Practical day, 8 May”

Asian hornet talk

Post event notes and suggested way forward From: Louise Evans, 22 March 2022 To: Meridian members Subject: Asian hornet briefing Dear all, Thank you to those who attended the briefing on the Asian Hornet. Together, with the education of members and spring queen trapping (with traps adapted to prevent the slaughter of other beneficial species)Continue reading “Asian hornet talk”

Apiary meeting, West End, 24 April

It was a beautiful day for an apiary meeting; warm enough to keep our bees happy but cool enough to be comfortable in a bee suit. These two short videos give a flavour of the day. Denise led us through the Meridian colonies, both of which were looking good. Denise had successfully completed Bailey combContinue reading “Apiary meeting, West End, 24 April”

Preparation day

Sunday 3 April began with sunshine, coffee and bee chat. Chris, Denise, Phil, Louise, Richard and Bryn gathered at Richard’s home in West End to clean kit and prepare equipment for the forth-coming season. Chris Jordan had kindly bequeathed his equipment to Meridian. Louise attended the funeral and Richard collected the kit from the family.Continue reading “Preparation day”

Scott Peters, a dear friend

By Colin Bowsher, March 2022 On Friday 11th March, Louise, Terry Lacey (former Meridian Treasurer) and I attended the funeral of Scott Peters, aged 95 years. My association with him had begun on a Meridian course in 2005. ‘Scottie’, eight years my senior, was a character and my ‘bee buddy’ who I shared many happy,Continue reading “Scott Peters, a dear friend”

Practical training day

Our ‘drop in’ practical training day was held at the Botley Centre on Saturday 23 April. There were topics designed to appeal to newer beekeepers as well as other subjects for those with more experience. The idea was that members could drop in for the topics they wanted to learn about but in practice, mostContinue reading “Practical training day”

Bee Disease Insurance

Bee Disease Insurance Limited (BDI) provides insurance for the replacement of beekeeping equipment should it have to be destroyed due to an incidence of a notifiable disease such as European or American Foul Brood. Public and product liability insurance is also provided through your membership via other policies. Registered, Partner, Honorary and Junior members areContinue reading “Bee Disease Insurance”

Practical treatment for mild Nosema

Don’t panic! Most bees will show a few spores when tested. Nosema needs controlling and here are a few simple things you can do to give your bees the best start in spring. ● Replace the brood box, floor and crown board with clean sterilised kit. ● Give your bees new foundation. You can undertakeContinue reading “Practical treatment for mild Nosema”