Scott Peters, a dear friend

By Colin Bowsher, March 2022 On Friday 11th March, Louise, Terry Lacey (former Meridian Treasurer) and I attended the funeral of Scott Peters, aged 95 years. My association with him had begun on a Meridian course in 2005. ‘Scottie’, eight years my senior, was a character and my ‘bee buddy’ who I shared many happy,Continue reading “Scott Peters, a dear friend”

Practical training day

Our ‘drop in’ practical training day was held at the Botley Centre on Saturday 23 April. There were topics designed to appeal to newer beekeepers as well as other subjects for those with more experience. The idea was that members could drop in for the topics they wanted to learn about but in practice, mostContinue reading “Practical training day”

Bee Disease Insurance

Bee Disease Insurance Limited (BDI) provides insurance for the replacement of beekeeping equipment should it have to be destroyed due to an incidence of a notifiable disease such as European or American Foul Brood. Public and product liability insurance is also provided through your membership via other policies. Registered, Partner, Honorary and Junior members areContinue reading “Bee Disease Insurance”

Practical treatment for mild Nosema

Don’t panic! Most bees will show a few spores when tested. Nosema needs controlling and here are a few simple things you can do to give your bees the best start in spring. ● Replace the brood box, floor and crown board with clean sterilised kit. ● Give your bees new foundation. You can undertakeContinue reading “Practical treatment for mild Nosema”

Membership renewal 2022

Existing members If you haven’t done so already, now is the time to renew your Meridian membership. You can do so by clicking on the link we recently sent you. Check your details are up-to date, then select the number of hives you are planning to run and the membership category you require (via theContinue reading “Membership renewal 2022”

Hampshire Beekeepers’ Association propositions adopted at BBKA ADM 2022

At the BBKA Annual Delegates Meeting on 13th January, 2022, HBA proposed two of the three most significant propositions discussed by over sixty associations at the meeting. Both propositions were passed by large majorities and are now therefore adopted as BBKA policy. The first proposition reinforces BBKA’s opposition to the importation of honey bees. ItContinue reading “Hampshire Beekeepers’ Association propositions adopted at BBKA ADM 2022”

Talk: threat of the Asian hornet

Meridian Beekeepers is delighted to present a talk about the threat of the Asian Hornet by Andrew Durham of Cambridge Beekeepers. Andrew will describe the alarming situation in France where the Asian Hornet is damaging eco-systems and affecting everybody, not just beekeepers. Andrew will explain the lifecycle of this invasive pest and the effects ofContinue reading “Talk: threat of the Asian hornet”

Bees, honey and love

Since the beginning of time, honey and bees have been associated with love. Honey, long considered the food of the gods and an aphrodisiac, is also the key ingredient of mead, the tipple of lovers; it’s not called a honeymoon for nothing! But honey’s romantic credentials go much further than that. St Valentine Valentine livedContinue reading “Bees, honey and love”