Preparation day

Chris, Denise and Bryan get stuck into the frames!

Sunday 3 April began with sunshine, coffee and bee chat. Chris, Denise, Phil, Louise, Richard and Bryn gathered at Richard’s home in West End to clean kit and prepare equipment for the forth-coming season.

Rendering wax

Chris Jordan had kindly bequeathed his equipment to Meridian. Louise attended the funeral and Richard collected the kit from the family.

The team scraped and flamed supers and boxes; cut out old wax, cleaned up lots of frames in the burco boiler, rendered wax, all the time sharing bee-keeping anecdotes, plans and tales.

Frames were cleaned up in the Burco boiler which can be borrowed by Meridian members.

Thanks to Chris Jordan we have additional hives for West End and another suit for beginners.

Richard kept us well furnished with tea and coffee. Fourteen other people had said they could come and help, so unfortunately we didn’t get as many frames made up as we would have liked and our work took all day but it was enjoyable nevertheless.

Maybe next time you might join us for an hour? We’d be delighted to see you.

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