Robin on mentoring

I was first introduced to beekeeping in 2013 by my employer, who wanted to build our business biodiversity and events opportunities. I took a basic beekeeping course and what began as a skill acquired for work purposes quickly became a passion. One that my whole family has become involved in. I was thrown in atContinue reading “Robin on mentoring”

Common bee viruses and what you need to know

Here is a 35 minute presentation by Kirsty Stainton on the most commonly found bee viruses in the UK including Sacbrood, Chronic Bee Paralysis and Deformed Wing Virus. The talk shows how to identify these viruses and what to do if you find them. Kirsty is a post-doctoral research scientist working at the Pirbright Institute.Continue reading “Common bee viruses and what you need to know”

Directions to Ocknell Pond

The easiest way to find your way is using What3Words:olive.months.galloped This will take you directly to the car park and picnic area. Ocknell Pond can also be found using maps on most mobile devices. The OS grid reference (for Satnav) is SU235117 Old school From Southampton take the westbound M27 and leave at exit 1Continue reading “Directions to Ocknell Pond”

Swanmore apiary report – August 2021

Here are the latest reports from Swanmore on the progress of our apiary. As of 9 August, four of our five colonies are between queens following recent swarms and splits. Fingers crossed that all colonies will be queen-right by the end of the month so they can concentrate on their winter preparations! Hive 5 (George’s)Continue reading “Swanmore apiary report – August 2021”

Asian Hornet Week 2022

This year’s Asian Hornet week is 5-11 September. It’s in autumn when Asian hornets pick-off honeybees at hive entrances and when beekeepers put out their traps. Autumn is typically when nests are revealed as a result of leaf fall from trees and this is the last chance we will have to prevent the emergence ofContinue reading “Asian Hornet Week 2022”

Apiary meeting, Swanmore, 17 July 2021

Our planned 10 July apiary meeting was cancelled due to rain but rescheduled for the following Saturday. We’re sorry if you couldn’t make it at short notice but we knew the bees needed checking so we had to proceed. In the end, the weather was perfect but of course, attendance a bit lower than usual.Continue reading “Apiary meeting, Swanmore, 17 July 2021”

Lisa: a comedy of errors

Ten days ago, on Sunday 4 July, Howard and I answered a swarm call from Botley. When we arrived, we were pleased to discover a reasonably-sized swarm had obligingly settled conveniently close to the ground; ‘this is going to be a doodle’ we thought! It was an easy enough job to collect the bees; they’dContinue reading “Lisa: a comedy of errors”

Practical day, 26 June 2021

Our introduction to beekeeping course concluded on Saturday 24 June with the practical element at the Swanmore apiary. Fortunately, the weather was kind, the bees were on their best behaviour and everything went more or less according to plan. Thank you as always to the Hammond family for generously allowing us to park at theirContinue reading “Practical day, 26 June 2021”